Your Challenge:

For a golf Course Of Inputted 'n' length to hole where:

'n' is a whole number and a multiple of 5 between 150 and 500 
1 integer in code = 1 metre 

You must calculate the least amount of swings it can be completed in using a combination of clubs and ranges.

Here is a visual representation of what this calculator will be working out (in colours): 1 Disregarding nature and swing paths, you are to find the fewest number of swings.

Firstly, you must have a 'Men Or Women' Option as shown in the pseudocode below:

INPUT <- "Men Or Women"

Each club option has Two Values. These are the ranges of the distance in which the club's shot may fall. This calculator assumes the player is a pro and can choose how far the shot goes in the range. ~It can only be in multiples of 5~

Higher towards the range of one club overrules Lower towards the range of another.

Club       Men     Women
Driver  200-260   150-200
3-wood  180-235   125-180
5-wood  170-210   105-170
2-iron  170-210   105-170
3-iron  160-200   100-160
4-iron  150-185    90-150
5-iron  140-170    80-140
6-iron  130-160    70-130
7-iron  120-150    65-120
8-iron  110-140    60-110
9-iron   95-130    55-95
PW       80-120    50-80
SW       60-100    40-60
putter   10-30     10-20

The input must ask for course length and gender separately, and then calculate and then display the output, which must start with displaying gender, and then look like a list (in order of the clubs to be used and the distance hit.

The final Value Must Be A Putter Distance implying it has



(n)m Course

Driver (x)m
4-iron (x)m
3-iron (x)m
putter (x)m

Please Be Aware This is just an example as it could include any combination of clubs.


If there is more than one answer, then all must be displayed with a title above exclaiming the answer like so:


(n)m Course

Run 1:

Driver (x)m
4-iron (x)m
3-iron (x)m
putter (x)m

Run 2:

Driver (x)m
4-iron (x)m
3-iron (x)m
putter (x)m

and so on...

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