A polyglot is a program which can be run by several different language's interpreters/compilers without failing.

For example, the stackoverflow 404 page contains a polyglot which runs in Python, Perl, Ruby, C, brainfuck and befunge, each time printing 404 to stdout.


Now, my challenge is to create a polyglot which, when run as a certain language, will print:

Just Another #{Name Of Language} Hacker,

So, if you say that your program can be run as both JavaScript and ><>, when run in a JavaScript environment it should print

Just Another JavaScript Hacker,

and when run by a ><> interpreter,

Just Another ><> Hacker,

In your answers, you should list the number of languages which accept it as a valid program and produce correct output, as well as a list of those languages.

The program which runs under the most languages wins!

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