Trick the user that StackExchange is broken:

Stack Overflow error page

It can be done in several ways:

  • Your program starts a browser in some certain way (with a proxy server, for example);
  • Your program shows static picture;
  • Your program is executed in address bar using javascript:.
  • (your other creative way)

StackExchange error page should be displayed to user one way or another. It may appear immediately or after user tries to do something (i.e. to post a comment). The program should look like some useful StackExchange enhancer (e.g. a userscript that highlights happy posts, i.e. posts containing the word happy).

Try to aim for the shortest program (original tag was ) and/or obfuscated code. You may depend on some concrete browser (Firefox, Chromium, Opera).


  • Preserving address line "normal";
  • Finding actual faults in StackExchange software;
  • Making it "hard to fix" (on this computer), e.g. making it cached;
  • Making it show different error depending on on which site do I start the program (if it is a in-browser snippet);


  • Simply redirecting to http://.../error. You can still try to sneak it -style.
  • Trying to permanently mess with user's StackExchange account.

(inspired by this)


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