Today is May 4th, Star Wars day, so here's a Star Wars ASCII-art task. Output this image of an X-Wing starfighter:

\             /
o\           /o
V \(+)___(+)/ V
|  --/ | \--  |
 /    |||    \
/o     |     o\
 V           V
 |           |

Your output may have any extra whitespace that doesn't affect the representation of the image. You may output a list of lines instead of a string with newlines.

This is , so shortest answer wins. May the 4th be with you!

(If it's May 5th in your timezone, try Sith TIE-Fighter)


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Charcoal, 36 bytes


Try it online! Link is to verbose version of code. Explanation:


Draw the bottom left leg.


Draw the top left leg.


Draw the left body using a compressed string.


Draw the middle of the body.


Reflect to complete the starfighter.


K (ngn/k), 96 bytes

Hardcode the left half, then reverse and replace \/() -> /\)( to get the other half.

`0:"/()\\"{y,1_|y^'x@3-x?y}/:8$";"\"\\;o\\;V \\(+)__;|  --/ |;  /(+)\\|; /    ||;/o     |; V; |"

Attempt This Online!


JavaScript (ES6), 125 bytes

V 0(+)___(+)/ V
|2--/ | 0--2|

Try it online!


Vyxal Drj, 387 bitsv2, 48.375 bytes

` |/\-_)+(Vo`»¬W,Ze:iw≠ꜝ≬⊍eȦR`¡ßdĿ$»τ»÷Ṡ%]»fẇƛ8røM

Try it Online!



-2 bytes thanks to Kevin Cruijssen

  • \$\begingroup\$ The hard-coded string can be »¬W,Ze:iw≠ꜝ≬⊍eȦR`¡ßdĿ$»` |/\-_)+(Vo`τ, although I'm not sure how to combine it with the r flag.. :/ \$\endgroup\$ May 6 at 7:23
  • \$\begingroup\$ r flag just switches the two \$\endgroup\$
    – pacman256
    May 6 at 13:54

05AB1E, 48 bytes


Outputs as a list of lines.

Try it online. (The » in the footer joins the list by newlines. Feel free to remove it to see the actual result.)


Step 1: Draw the left side without trailing spaces:
by using this 05AB1E ASCII-art compression technique

                # Push compressed integer 78542092356563376216422644276947767672388754200679396880402
" \n|/\-_)+(Vo" # Push this string
  Åв            # Convert the integer to custom base-" \n|/\-_)+(Vo",
                # basically convert it to base-length, and then index into the string
    J           # Join this list of characters to a single string

See this 05AB1E tip of mine (section How to compress large integers?) to understand why •D¾ì6ªβh§ζƶwāZ·ªrΣ∍kϪ#8ñ2• is 78542092356563376216422644276947767672388754200679396880402.

Try just this first step.

.B              # Split on newlines, but add trailing spaces to make all lines the same length
  .º            # Mirror the list of lines horizontally with overlap in the middle
                # (after which the result is output implicitly)

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