What general tips do you have for golfing code in Pascal?

I know this is a tricky language very few people use this but I would like to know any tips from the professionals out there :)

I'm looking for tips that can reduce code size (every byte counts!) with special functions or even crazy combinations

Please post each tip as a separate answer, and avoid tips not specific to Pascal (e.g. remove whitespace, etc.)


Avoid Integer

VAR var1: Integer; (* Signed, 16 bits in TP7, 32 bits in FPC, It costs 7 bytes. *)
    var2: Word;    (* Unsigned 16 bit, works in most cases. *)
    var3: Int64;   (* Signed 64 bits, Only available in FPC. *)
    var4: 0..9;    (* TP7: same as ShortInt (-128..127), FPC: same as Byte (0..255) *)

Use ^J for line break

Write('abc'^J'def');        (* Both in TP7 and FPC *)

^J is two bytes ^ followed by J, not single byte for Ctrl-J.


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