What does "jelly" mean in the title?. Cop's thread

Robbers, you are to choose an uncracked Cop answer, and attempt to find a Jelly program which is:

  • shorter than the Cop's answer
  • solves the linked challenge, according to the rules of the challenge

So long as these two bullet points are met, your answer cracks the Cop's.

The user with the most cracks wins.

Example submission

# 8 bytes, cracks [ChartZ Belatedly's answer](<link to answer>)


[Try it online!][TIO-kmrxlphk]

[TIO-kmrxlphk]: https://tio.run/##y0rNyan8//9RwxzjhztaE49Mtz46@dDu//8B "Jelly – Try It Online"

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Jelly, 21 bytes, cracks Jonathan Allan's answer


Try it online!

Takes the return value of time.ctime(), finds Su in it, and negates the value. On a Sunday, this passes -1 to X (random number function), causing an error. Otherwise it passes 0 to X, not erroring. then final return value is forced to be the empty string , so it will print nothing.


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