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  1. Your program must print "hello world" when executed

  2. Your program must be interpretable or compilable into 2 or more languages

  3. Your program must require no input or arguments

  4. Languages with identical syntax are too easy, and will be shunned. We all know you can write echo hello world in Bash and Batch, so let's make it more interesting.

I'll add my example as an answer.


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Ruby and Foo, 17 bytes

puts"hello world"

Foo prints everything in the quotes, and Ruby uses a built-in function to output to stdout.


Python 2.7 and Bash, 45 bytes

x="hello world"
''''echo $x;exit #'''
print x

Adding 1 byte can make it Python 3 compatible as well -- print(x)

Explanation by line:

  1. Variable assignment valid in both languages
  2. Python comment ''' with an extra ' will be interpreted as 0-length string concatenation in bash, followed by echo and exit. The #''' closes the python comment block, but is preceded by a bash comment, so it will be ignored
  3. Python print (bash will exit before getting here, so it won't complain)

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