Help! It's groundhog day for everyone, tomorrow, forever. My computer has:

  • GCC 7.3
  • Free Pascal Compiler 3.0
  • OpenJDK 8.0
  • Bash
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop
  • No internet access

Every time I wake up my computer resets completely, and because 05AB1E is so good at encoding programs, I need to get an 05AB1E implementation in the fewest keystrokes from within only a bash shell. No mouse usage or touchscreen usage or function key usage is allowed. I have a US Layout keyboard that looks like this.

I need to get an 05AB1E implementation in as few keystrokes as possible. Takes binary input from STDIN, using the 05AB1E codepage.

Create an executable file named "a" in the current working directory (/home/ppcg). It takes a single argument via the command-line, the name of an 05AB1E program to run: these programs are encoded with the 05AB1E code-page.

So, to invoke your implementation, the following command would be run:

./a filename

There are many ways you can solve this challenge, including:

  • creating a tiny ELF executable for and encoding it in Bash
  • creating a series of compilers that each encode a slightly more complex language

Test cases





An 05AB1E implementation is a program that takes the file name of an 05AB1E program and input from STDIN and executes the program. The language is defined on Adriandmen's GitHub page at the linked commit.

Standard loopholes apply. Smallest answers in US Layout keystrokes wins. I want to type this program as fast as possible, so varying the time between keypresses is not allowed.


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