I honestly can't believe this challenge does not already exist.

The challenge

Write a function.

The specifics

  • Your program must define some sort of callable function. This includes anything commonly known as a function, a lambda function, or a subroutine. All of these types of callables will be referred to as a "function" in this post.

    1. Input to the function is optional and not required.

    2. A return value from the function is also optional and not required but control must return to the calling program.

  • The function must be assigned to some sort of variable so that it is possible to be accessed at a later time. This includes indirect assignment (in most common languages where declaring a named function automatically adds the name into the current scope) and direct assignment (assigning an anonymous function to a variable directly).

  • The function does not need to be named.

  • The function must be created by you - you cannot just assign a default function from the language to a variable.

  • None of the standard loopholes, please.

This is , so lowest score in bytes wins.

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Pari/GP, 3 bytes


Try it online!


asm2bf, 9 bytes

lbl 1

It builds to following brainfuck code (omitting boilerplate):

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