What is the shortest way to convert a string containing integers separated by spaces to a list of integers?

  • input : "-3 1 5 8 10"
  • output : [-3, 1, 5, 8, 10]

I regularly face this situation and I wanted to know if there is a better way than (24 bytes):


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Using map is way shorter than any of the ways I mentioned. You should do that.

Instead of calling list(...), you should use [*...] (21 bytes):


Or even better, if you switch to python 2, map will always return a list. (18 bytes):


Try it online!

Original Post:

The straightforward way is going to be 26 bytes

[int(n)for n in s.split()]

Try it online!

However, if a tuple is acceptable instead of a list, we could use a trick to shave one byte off leaving us with 25 bytes


Try it online!

This can be shortened even more with the replace function (24):

eval(s.replace(' ',','))

Try it online!

and even more with iterable unpacking (22):

eval(s.replace(*" ,"))

Try it online!

If you truly need a list, you can wrap it in [*...]. This is still shorter than the straightforward way by 1 byte:

[*eval(s.replace(*" ,"))]

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