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A while ago I was reading about quines. It made me wonder if it possible to write a macro in C which will print itself, without writing any function such as main. every piece of code should be only in macro. After a few attempts, I couldn't find the solution.

While searching the web for answer, I found the following code:

#define Q(x) #x;x
char *q=Q(main(){printf("#define Q(x) #x;x\nchar *q=Q(");printf(q);printf(")\n");})

Although part of the code isn't in the #define (isn't macro). Is it possible to implement a macro which will print the program ( quine type program )?

EDIT: if it isn't possible (because the macros are 'made' in the preprocessor step), is it possible to implement a quine which is mostly in macros?


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