• Record (left-right)/length for each pair of consecutive elements. If they're 0 or negative, don't record it.
  • Once this is done, take these actions. Don't update quotients:
    • Increment right and decrement left for (0, .3)
    • Remove from the array at >=.3
    • Print both elements for >.5
  • Print the remaining array. Have some separator for executed and remaining.

Now, onto the challenge…

This is the sorting algorithm that has a worst-case of GLORIOUS LINEAR TIME, and where any who dare oppose its INFINITE WISDOM will be promptly EXECUTED for their HEINOUS CRIME OF HIGH TREASON.

The FEARLESS LEADER has tasked you with the HONORABLE MISSION of writing a program or function that takes in an array of integers and sorts it using the following sorting algorithm:

  1. Iterate through your array, enlightening each element with the GLORIOUS presence of their FEARLESS LEADER.
  2. Have your SECRET POLICE check on every pair of 2 consecutive elements to make sure they are PROPERLY LOYAL TO THEIR NATION. If they're not ordered correctly, record the difference between the numbers, divided by the length of the array. This is their dissent quotient.
  3. At the end of your GLORIOUS TOUR, go through the list and RAIN FEARLESS LEADER'S DIVINE PUNISHMENT on all of the TREASONOUS DISSENTERS as follows:
    • For a dissent quotient of less than .3, they merely need brainwashing a reminder of the INFINITE GLORY OF THE FEARLESS LEADER. Decrement the left element and increment the right element. Don't change any dissent quotients.
    • For a dissent quotient of .3-.5 (inclusive), they are TRAITORS and should be sent to PRISON CAMPS. Remove them from the array.
    • For a dissent quotient greater than .5, they are ODIOUS REBEL SCUM. They should be PUBLICLY EXECUTED as an example for any other TREASONOUS HERETICS they might have allied with. Remove them from the array and send it to the national news source, The STDOUT Times.
  4. Your array is now COMPLETELY AND FOREVER sorted. Send it to The STDOUT Times so they can sing of your GLORIOUS VICTORY.

As MANDATORY VIEWING to those who are too FOOLISH to understand the INFINITE GLORY of this algorithm, it will be used to sort the following array:

  • 1 and 8 are ordered correctly.
  • 8 and 6 aren't ordered right, so the dissent quotient of .2 is recorded for both of them.
  • 6 and 0 are another pair of dissenters. This dissent quotient is .6.
  • 0 and 4 are ordered correctly.
  • 4 and 9 are ordered correctly.
  • 9 and 3 have a dissent quotient of .6.
  • 3 and 5 are ordered correctly.
  • 5 and 7 are ordered correctly.
  • 7 and 2 have a dissent quotient of .5.

So, you take the following actions in the name of the FEARLESS LEADER:

  • Decrement 8 to 7, and increment 6 to 7.
  • Remove 0 and the new 7, and EXECUTE THEM.
  • Follow with 9 and 3.
  • Haul the original 7 and the 2 to the re-education camps and remove them.

This should be your press release, done in STDOUT or whatever's convenient:

Executions: 7, 0, 9, 3
[1, 7, 4, 5]

As you can see, the resulting array is COMPLETELY AND FOREVER SORTED. Attempting to suggest that it isn't sorted constitutes HIGH TREASON.

Now, as a GLORIOUS DEMONSTRATION of the UNENDING RESOURCES given by the FEARLESS LEADER, he has provided you with his INFINITE WISDOM in generating test cases:

import random


dissent=[(arr[i]-arr[i+1])/len for i in range(len-1)]
dissent.append(0) # Barrier between front and back of the array.
for i in range(len-1):
    if dissent[i] > 0:
        if dissent[i] < 0.3:
            arr[i] -= 1
            arr[i+1] += 1
        elif dissent[i] > 0.5:
            if dissent[i-1] <= 0.5:

print([arr[i] for i in range(len) if dissent[i] < 0.3 and dissent[i-1] < 0.3])

Try it Online - hit the run button to use, otherwise you're just getting what the last person got.

In the interest of stare desecis, the FEARLESS LEADER has also provided an edge case example:

Input                  Output
3,2,1,4,4,1,2,3,4,5    2,2,2,4,2,3,4,5

(There are no executions in this example.)

Finally, you should treat the bytes in your program as key supporters and minimize them. The shortest program in bytes will win the ETERNAL FAVOR OF THE FEARLESS LEADER.

Credit where it's due

The concept for this was inspired by Lazy Drop Sort, and the writing style used was largely taken from Psychotic Dictatorships—go visit them if you enjoyed the parody aspect of this.

Additional credit goes to everyone who voted on this in the Sandbox early on. The +8 it attained was my motivation to rewrite it to avoid duplication.


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Ruby, 146 135 bytes


Try it online!


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