Ethereum is a blockchain platform. It has its own native cryptocurrency, ether, but in this challenge, we'll be focusing on its ability to run smart contracts.

The ERC-20 standard describes an implementation of fungible tokens within a smart contract. Some examples of this implementation are EOS, OmiseGo, and the Golem Network Token. In this challenge, your job is to find the amount of tokens owned by a certain address using the fewest bytes possible.

The standard defines a balanceOf(address) contract method which is simple enough to use; however, it returns it in terms of a much smaller unit. To get the actual balance, you must divide the result by 10 to the power of whatever the decimals() method returns. For example, calling balanceOf(0x4530d03744d7ef769025623d31966da1e8485eef) returns 1.500000000000015e+21, and dividing it by 10^decimals() (10^18) results in the true balance of 1500.000000000015.


  • Assume that the computer that your program/function/etc. will be running on is running a fully-synced Geth node on the Ethereum mainnet with the JSON-RPC endpoint listening on the default port of localhost:8545.
  • Your program should take two inputs: the token contract address (e.g. 0xea097a2b1db00627b2fa17460ad260c016016977) and the wallet address (e.g. 0x4530d03744d7ef769025623d31966da1e8485eef). Input can be taken in any reasonable format, such as a string, an integer, or an array of bytes (NB: Ethereum addresses are 20 bytes long).
  • It should have one output: the token balance of the address in any reasonable format. Cases where the balance is zero must still be handled.
  • Loss of fine floating-point precision in the final balance (e.g. the 17th or 18th decimal after dividing the balance by 10^decimals()) is okay.
  • The ERC-20 standard technically says that the decimals() method might not be implemented; however, you may assume that it is.
  • The use of libraries like web3.js is permitted, but discouraged.
  • Standard loopholes are obviously not allowed.

Test Cases

token, wallet -> balance
0xea097a2b1db00627b2fa17460ad260c016016977, 0x4530d03744d7ef769025623d31966da1e8485eef -> 1500.000000000015
0xab95e915c123fded5bdfb6325e35ef5515f1ea69, 0x4530d03744d7ef769025623d31966da1e8485eef -> 317.18737335873794694
0x6810e776880c02933d47db1b9fc05908e5386b96, 0x3257bde8cf067ae6f1ddc0e4b140fe02e3c5e44f -> 8495410
0xb64ef51c888972c908cfacf59b47c1afbc0ab8ac, 0x0be3dead1ba261560362361838dd9671a34b63bb -> 314873.06011271

Reference Implementation

A reference implementation written in Crystal can be found here.

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