Supplied an image, you must determine if the subject of the image is a bird or a plane.

If the image is a bird, your program must output


and if the image is a plane, your program must output


Your program must produce no other output and the testing program will be case sensitive.

Further information

All images will be the objects in flight.

The images of planes and birds will be against blue backgrounds (in some there may be light cloud in patches).

All birds will be pictured gliding from underneath, with their wings spread open. They will not always be the same species.

All planes will be commercial jetliners, pictured from the side. Their liveries may differ and the models will not be the same.

You may not use any external libraries, functions or online resources which perform image recognition.

The images will not be revealed to the competitors.


The following examples will not be used in the 30 test images.




Given 60 images of birds and planes, the program which identifies the most of then correctly wins.

In case of a tie, first post wins.


Thank you to Beta Decay for writing this challenge! Beta allowed me to take it and post. Sandbox


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