Your task is to sort an array containing the strings "quarter", "dime", "nickel", and "penny" any number of times in no specific order and sort them so that they are in this order: quarter dime nickel penny (in other words, greatest to least monetary value).


  1. Your program must take an array as input containing the names of U.S coins and sort them from greatest to least by monetary value.
    • For those who are not from the U.S or don't use change, the values of U.S coins, from greatest to least, are:
      • Quarter: 25 cents
      • Dime: 10 cents
      • Nickel: 5 cents
      • Penny: 1 cent
  2. You may sort this array in any way you wish, as long as the output is ordered by the monetary values shown above.
  3. Input can be taken in any way, be it command-line arguments or STDIN.
  4. An input array would be all lowercase strings, something like this:
    • quarter dime nickel nickel quarter dime penny penny
  5. The actual format of input and output is up to you.

Test Cases

"penny nickel dime quarter" 
-> "quarter dime nickel penny"

"nickel penny penny quarter quarter quarter dime dime dime dime"
-> "quarter quarter quarter dime dime dime dime nickel penny penny"

"quarter dime nickel nickel quarter dime penny penny"
-> "quarter quarter dime dime nickel nickel penny penny"

This is , so standard rules & loopholes apply.

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34 Answers 34


Ruby, 27 bytes


Smalltalk, 42 bytes

a sort:[:s :t|s allButFirst>t allButFirst]


a              input array
sort:          sort message, criterion in the block
[:s :t |       block arguments, represent entries of the input array
allButFirst    copy the receiving string without its first character
>              alphabetic comparison

Perl 6 (19 bytes)

Takes a list of strings.


In action:

my &f = *.sort(*.comb[5%*]);
say f(<quarter dime nickel nickel quarter dime penny penny>);

Thunno 2, 3 bytes


Try it online!

Port of ETHProductions's Japt answer - sort by 9th character.


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