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I've got more experiments with little languages in my github and gist pages. And of course, xpost my postscript interpreter (unix+xcb/ms-windows, ~30kloc ISO90 standard C, supports PostScript Level 1 + level 2 extensions).

My profile pic was generated with a postscript program further illustrated and linked here: Draw a Mandala for each Natural Number

I'm really proud of my answers to the challenges.

But it's that stupid Hello World that keeps getting votes! Augh. :|

double toil, trouble;
toil += trouble;
trouble *= 2;

It is impossible to disassociate language from science or science from language, because every natural science always involves three things: the sequence of phenomena on which the science is based, the abstract concepts which call these phenomena to mind, and the words in which the concepts are expressed. To call forth a concept, a word is needed; to portray a phenomenon, a concept is needed. All three mirror one and the same reality.

Antoine Lavoisier, 1789

Information necessary to "decode" my username is available in my scifi.se profile.

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